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1. 08/02/2017    CF-2017-25
becomes effective 14 August 2017 and addresses several reports of arcing and smoke emanating from the windshields. It is possible that de-icing fluid and water could enter between the windshields and side window posts, leading to possible damage of the heater terminal lugs creating arcing and smoke.
2. 11/29/2016    CF-2016-36

becomes effective December 6, 2016 and pertains to MLG retraction actuator rod end failures. This AD mandates the replacement of the MLG retraction actuator rod-end subassemblies manufactured with non-conforming threads with units that fully conform to the design requirements. This AD interval determined based on assemblies with more than 37,000 CSN and assemblies with less than 37,000 CSN.

This AD has been added to the CAMMS schedule and applied to the current status report.

3. 01/27/2016    CF 2016-04

becomes effective February 1, 2016, and pertains to the Pitot and Static System, and Pitot Probe Heater Circuit Breaker Tripping During Adverse Environmental Conditions.

This AD has been added to the Aircraft Status Report in CAMMS.